Radial Cable Clutch Control – Black Anodized

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You are looking at the most stylish, cleanest, state-of-the-art sportbike cable clutch hand controls in the motorcycle industry. These sport bike hand controls were specifically designed for sportbike customizing and feature radial technology for the best feel and performance. Our sportbike levers are available chromed, polished, satined, black or gold anodized: you can mix and match the different finishes on the hand controls components to get the custom look and color combination that best matches the style of your custom motorcycle. Our custom sport bike parts are machined out of billet aluminum for strength and lightweight and they can fit most sportbike models using 7/8″ (22mm) handlebars.

Our Black Radial Cable Clutch Control perfectly matches with our Black Radial Brake Master Cylinder.

Superb engineering, smooth lines and compact dimensions make for a unique product, which will give your custom sportbike the distinctive look it deserves!


radial cable clutch control black

radial cable clutch control black

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